2024 Lab Picture
Principal Investigator

Brian Trainor, PhD, University of Wisconsin

CV; Google Scholar profile

As, PI, I am committed to creating an inclusive environment in the lab that values and respects lab members from different backgrounds and career goals. Lab members receive my support both while in the lab as well as after they move on for the next step in their careers.

Graduate Students
Hanna Butler-Struben, BA UC Davis, MS San Francisco State
Audrey Chrisman, BS, Wake Forest University
Jace Kuske, BA, CSU San Marcos, MA UC Davis
​Valentina Cea Salazar, BS Florida State University
Rani Purewal (w/Fox lab), BA Sacramento State
Lab Manager
Tjien Dwyer, BS, UC Davis
Nou Vang, BA, Sacramento State

Undergraduate Students
Sinéad Archdeacon
Taylor Balantac
​Allison Chan
Daniel Egziabher
Alexandra Serna Godoy
Xiomara Gutierrez
Lia Harvey
Yasmine Lewis
Natalie Meija
Melvin Perez
Mina Sarmah
Sophia Wright

Pei Luo, Ph.D. 2023; Currently Research Scientist, Switch Therapeutics.

Alexia Williams, Ph.D. 2020; Currently Scientific Communications at Omeros Corporation

Emily Wright, Ph.D. 2020: Currently Post-doc UC Davis (Tian lab)

Natalia Duque-Wilckens, Ph.D. & Post-doc 2014-2018: Currently Assistant Professor North Carolina State

Abigail Laman-Maharg, Ph.D. 2017

Katharine Campi, Ph.D. Post-doc 2010-2014; Currently Instructor, Sierra College​

Gian Greenberg, Ph.D. 2014, Associate Medical Director, Arbor Scientifica

Sarah Laredo, Ph.D. 2014, Currently Senior Medical Director, Arbor Scientifica

Michael Steinman, Ph.D. 2014, Currently Senior Medical Writer, Arbor Scientifica